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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Snags & Update #5

Writerly News

In preparing for the signing at the Book House, I'm running into some monetary problems. I'll try to keep everyone posted, but right now I'm doubting whether I'll be able to afford to actually do the signing on the 21st.

Current Projects

#1 I recently made an excusion back into angst, since le novel hasn't gotten to that point yet, and came up with two very short, Desmond-centric Lost fanfics. Here they are:

There Were Mornings - rated K+ (PG)
Never Quite Alone - rated T (PG-13)

#2 The Lonely Light (working title)
Type: original fantasy novel
Progress: just shy of 10,000 words
Thoughts: It needs more angst. The original incarnation of Phyllis used to literally drip the stuff, and I feel like she's somehow become this mechanical...thing that I'm telling the story through rather than a character with real emotions.
Likes: Trying to make some of the characters more intimidating and succeeding at least partly
Dislikes: not having the drive to work on the novel the way it should be worked on, falling out of love with the story and characters

#3 Sequel to "Second Chances"
Type: fanfiction, post-Myst IV
Progress: somewhere in the middle of chapter 3
Thoughts: I'm thinking of actually using Yeesha as an important character in this one, despite how much I dislike her. I'm still not entirely sure why I'm writing this, other than wanting to explore the romantic possibilities between Sirrus and my OC.
Likes: conflict, Catherine being more in the forefront
Dislikes: no real drive or time to work on this, feeling like I'm writing it more for other people than myself


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