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Monday, November 06, 2006

Update #6

Current Projects

#1 After this past week's episode of Lost, I felt compelled to write another short Desmond fic. This one is a little creepier than the others, and involves Desmond's mental state after the destruction of the hatch.

Nights - rated T (PG-13)

#2 The Lonely Light (working title)
Type: original fantasy novel
Progress: just shy of 11,000 words
Thoughts: It still needs more angst, and I need more time and will to work on it.
Likes: finally writing in a character who will become important later on
Dislikes: not having the drive to work on the novel the way it should be worked on, feeling like I know the story too well and not being excited by it any more

#3 "Like Father, Like Son" (Sequel to "Second Chances")
Type: fanfiction, post-Myst IV
Progress: just posted chapter 4
Thoughts: This is at the point where it's finally going to start picking up for Sirrus and my OC
Likes: the prospect of building a romance that will actually work via a situation that is far from romantic
Dislikes: true to Myst form, this is going slowly and is eating time I should be using to work on The Lonely Light

Quote of the Moment: "I suddenly feel very stupid." ~ Locke, Lost


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