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Monday, December 18, 2006

Update #7

Current Projects

#1 The Lonely Light (working title)
Type: original fantasy novel
Progress: just recently canned most of the beginning of part 1; it's pretty much on hold for now
Thoughts: I need to take a big step back from this and either let the plot form the characters or the other way around. My approach has been far too specific and both the story and my enthusiasm for writing it have suffered as a result.
Likes: The character who was originally meant to be comic relief. Somehow, as his presence in the story has become more important, he's now a ray of sunshine for me.
Dislikes: the fact that I've started this over four times and still haven't been able to catch the "groove" of it

#3 "Like Father, Like Son" (Sequel to "Second Chances")
Type: fanfiction, post-Myst IV
Progress: just posted chapter 6; chapter 7 is in the works
Thoughts: chapter 7 may be a bit hard to write without it coming out tedious
Likes: The idea I've had for chapter, I'm not giving any spoilers!
Dislikes: Yeesha. I just can't make myself like her enough to give her any kind of large part in the story!

Quote of the Moment: "Permission to cover up my nakididity, sir?" ~ Radar, M*A*S*H


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