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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Update #12

Current Projects

#1 "Aftermath" (sequel to "Colors of Grief")
Type: Harry Potter fanfiction, AU after the final battle with Voldemort
Progress: chapter 4 just posted; brainstorming chapter 5
Thoughts: Chapter 4 took rather longer than I was hoping and, as a result, I'm starting to fall out of love with this fic. Fortunately, I do have an idea of where I want it to go, and I think things will start picking up in chapter 5. I don't see the story as a whole being longer than 6 or 7 chapters.
Likes: Moody's random appearances, Tonks, shameless M*A*S*H references
Dislikes: Good heavens, this story is long...much, much longer than I originally anticipated. That was okay when it was flowing, but now I'm starting to hit patches of tedium, which isn't exactly the point of fanfic...

#2 The Lonely Light (working title)
Type: original fantasy novel
Progress: on hold for now
Thoughts: I have big, big plans to work on this come August. August in my month off from work and shows, so I'm hoping to be able to devote a good chunk of time to working on this story. It's about time, too; Phyllis originally came into being two years ago!
Likes: Tristan, still. Maybe he has his own story in him? I'll have to keep that in mind.
Dislikes: The long periods of time I've had to put this on hold. It makes it hard to keep things cohesive and make them flow properly.

Quote of the Moment: "Who could have known that a drenched Scotsman would appear in this rotunda?" ~ Donovan, Lost, "Flashes Before Your Eyes"