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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update #13

Current Projects

#1 "Aftermath" (sequel to "Colors of Grief")
Type: Harry Potter fanfiction, AU after the final battle with Voldemort
Progress: chapter 7 in the works
Thoughts: Most of what I had written so far was leading up to the big clash in chapter 6, so I'm not really feeling the story love right now. Reading Deathly Hallows didn't do much to help that. However, I've had an idea or two that should pull this out of its current slump.
Likes: Aidan's character potential for the rest of the story
Dislikes: How stubborn the Wintertons are as characters. They will not listen to anything and it's getting frustrating, since the next part of the story requires them to listen...

#2 The Lonely Light (working title)
Type: original fantasy novel
Progress: about to pick up again
Thoughts: August is here and I want to blaze a trail with this novel! I'm revved up and raring to get going with it again. I'm not sure what part I'll start with, or if I'll alternate between 1 and 2, but I know I want to really get working!
Likes: Tristan remains a favorite. And I'm liking Phyllis's pipe-smoking habit, especially in light of all the ridiculous debates about portraying smoking in movies.
Dislikes: Mainly, that life has taken over and I haven't forced myself to budget time for this.

#3 The Alternate HP7 Project
Type: book-length Harry Potter fanfiction that will eventually result in an alternate ending for the series
Progress: in the brainstorming stages
Thoughts: Sorry, uberfans, but I hated Deathly Hallows. I thought it was verbose, tedious, poorly plotted, largely nonsensical, and couldn't be redeemed by the near-end exposition. It doesn't help that I already had rather a large amount of dislike for the trio, as most of the book focused on them. I remain of the opinion that other characters should have gotten more page time throughout the series, and that certain concepts should have been introduced sooner in order for them to feel like part of the story instead of something shoved in at the last minute for plot's sake.

It would be presumptuous of me to say that I think I and other fans could do better. The goal of AltHP7 isn't necessarily to attempt to one-up J.K. Rowling--it is, after all, her series--but rather to create the story we, as fans, would like to have read. Some elements may remain the same, but most will be different. Of course, all normal fanfiction disclaimers apply.

Quote of the Moment: "But in some other universe, believe me, I hauled off and punched you one." ~ Vimes, Night Watch